Not Your Average Group Purchasing Organization.

You Need Supplies. We Save You Money.

SourceClub is not your traditional Group Purchasing Organization, and we certainly don’t want to be. Our primary business goal is to reinvent how dental clinics and dental organizations buy supplies.

Classic group purchasing models are outdated. They limit transparency and end up costing you more on supplies. SourceClub is here to make your life easier, get you the supplies you want, and save you money.

ordering dental supplies

What We Offer

No Kickbacks. No Hidden Fees. Full Transparency. Optimal Savings.

SourceClub offers a subscription-based pricing model. We eliminate haggling over fees and are open with our prices. There are no hidden costs or continual up-charges. The price you see for our services is what you get.

We have unique partnerships with vendors to leverage volume to get you premium supply prices. With extreme savings and flat subscription rates, its clear why SourceClub is the way to purchase dental supplies.

Elevated Group Purchasing

The new way to purchase dental supplies. Say goodbye to traditional GPO’s for good.

Savings so good, they speak for themselves. Here’s a peek at how SourceClub maximizes your savings and eliminates your dental purchasing woes.

Exclusive Access

SourceClub has insider access to pre-negotiated Supplier and Distributor contracts. You get to enjoy the rewards of these deals and eliminate the general time requirements and headaches associated with standard purchasing practices.

Leveraging Volume

We have the volume to get massive discounts, even if you don’t. SourceClub is a great solution for dental organizations of all sizes. Whether you are an individual dental clinic or a small group of dental practices you will benefit from our pricing discounts.

Massive Savings

We save you money. Our priority is getting you the supplies you need at prices you’ll love. We save clients on average 25 – 35% annually. You focus on patient care, we handle the group purchasing. We save you time, effort, and expense.

Why We Are Reinventing Group Purchasing

There’s something better available. We want to be your dental purchasing solution.
Traditional GPO’s may offer free memberships and enticing perks for opening an account. However, these benefits are often short-lived. A traditional group purchasing organization allows for little visibility into their pricing model. They take advantage of marketing and management fees – giving themselves a great deal, but leaving you without bargaining power and with increased expenses.
We don’t like the idea of hidden pricing structures and ever increasing fees. At SourceClub we have established a better, more reliable method for purchasing your dental supplies. We care about you so that you can care about your business and patients.