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Why We Do What We Do.

SourceClub is here to reinvent the way dental offices interact with vendors and purchase supplies so they can lower costs and focus on what matters most – providing the best patient care possible.

If you’ve wondered if there is something better available for dental supply purchasing, you’re not alone. Let SourceClub show you the modern way to get the supplies you need and save money.

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Our Process

Strategic Oversight Meets Creative Innovation

SourceClub is able to deliver premium services and unique solutions to all of their customers through their tailor-made approach to dental savings. Whether you’re interested in purchasing dental supplies, consolidating your formulary, or implementing procurement software SourceClub will exceed your expectations. Each customer gets a custom carefully curated for their particular business and goals. No two solutions will be the same.

Our team of experienced professionals will meet you where you are and provide the products and services you need. We will save you money. We will save you time.

Why Work With SourceClub

Reasons we stand out and succeed.

Services and savings so good, they speak for themselves. Just a few reasons your dental organization should make SourceClub your supplies partner.

Transparent Pricing

SourceClub believes in total price transparency. We won’t upsell or increase prices unnecessarily. We don’t hide our fees. We are forthcoming with how much you’re going to spend from the beginning.

Less Time

Your time is valuable and should be dedicated to furthering your business success and focusing on patient care. Our proven system saves time and effort.

Massive Savings

Most importantly, we will save you money. Our top priority is getting you the supplies you need at prices you’ll love. Our method saves clients on average 25 – 35% annually.

Our Team

Get to know the SourceClub leaders.
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    Brad Freeman

    Founder | CEO

    Spending just shy of a decade in the dental industry, most recently as the VP of Supply Chain for a 200+ office DSO, Brad Freeman has dedicated his career to helping dental offices drive the absolute most value from their supply and laboratory spends. Brad has spent thousands of hours learning the ebbs and flows of dental procurement and where to drive savings.

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    Jeremy Moeller

    VP of Sales & Marketing

    Jeremy has been in the world of dentistry, and specifically dental supplies, for over 15 years. With his vast knowledge of dental supply practices, manufacturers, and products he is a knowledgeable asset of the SourceClub team. His product knowledge accompanied with the drive to bring his clients extreme savings benefits the SourceClub customer base.

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    Jamie Peltier

    Director of Supply Chain

    Jamie has worked in Supply Chain Management for over 12 years in various industries. She has extensive experience in conducting and negotiating contracts and RFPs to ensure that they align with clients strategies, ensuring that the best value is delivered while also driving savings to the bottom line. Jamie also has extensive experience in managing and implementing e-procurement software’s and cross functional relationships with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure all needs and expectations are met.

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