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Let us focus on vendor negotiations. You focus on patient care.

SourceClub is a strategic sourcing partner with the mission of providing dental offices with the supplies they need at the absolute best prices possible, regardless of their size.

SourceClub creates customized procurement programs for each client specifically tailored to the needs and wants of the client, regardless of their operational structure.

Our Process

SourceClub is able to deliver massive savings to their consulting clients by administering a strategic and structured operating plan that has a proven track record of success. Utilizing SourceClub’s procurement process, they can guarantee savings along with doctor and organizational buy-in. This 3-phase process utilizes the purchasing power of your organization to it’s fullest capacity to leverage the absolute best prices concessions from suppliers and manufacturers.

SourceClub’s process is broken up into 3 specific phases: Distributor Request For Proposal, Non-Clinical Consolidation, Clinical Consolidation.


  • Formulary Creation (if none exists)
  • Establish Supply Chain Clinical Advisory Board
  • Setup and Implementation of a Procurement software
  • Establish Department KPI’s
  • Create Monthly Report Cadence to Track & Manage KPI’s
  • Establish Departmental Standard Operating Procedures
  • Laboratory Formulary Creation and Consolidation
  • Office Supply Formulary Creation and Consolidation
  • Ad Hoc Special Projects (Supply Chain) — Rates vary depending on requested deliverables


SourceClub is so confident in the services that they provide, they only bill their clients when they actually deliver savings to the organization. 

With SourceClub’s transparent pricing model, their consulting clients are strictly billed on a percentage of the savings that SourceClub is able to provide to their clients. No onboarding costs, no monthly retainers, only transparent billing as a percentage of the savings delivered. 

100% Risk Free Guarantee that you don’t owe SourceClub anything until they can deliver results and savings.


On average, SourceClub saves their consulting clients between 25-35% annually on their supply spends. Not including savings on laboratory services or office supplies.

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Spending just shy of a decade in the dental industry, most recently as the VP of Supply Chain for a 200+ office DSO, Brad Freeman has dedicated his career to helping dental offices drive the absolute most value from their supply and laboratory spends. Brad has spent thousands of hours learning the ebbs and flows of dental procurement and where to drive savings.

With years of experience in the dental industry cultivating creative procurement strategies for organizations of all sizes, Brad and his team can “go off the beaten path” to find you the best deals, no matter your size our budget.