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Risk-Free Savings Consulting

SourceClub is able to deliver massive savings to our consulting clients by administering a strategic, structured operating plan that has a proven track record of success. With our innovative procurement process, we can guarantee savings along with doctor and organizational buy-in.

We help you organize, consolidate, and maximize organizational earning potential.

SourceClub Consulting Services Dental GPO
Consulting Services SourceClub Dental GPO

Our Consulting Process

Our simple and successful three-phase strategy.
The SourceClub 3-phase process utilizes the purchasing power of your organization to it’s fullest capacity. We combine your in-house leverage with our expertise and vendor relationships to get the absolute best price concessions from suppliers and manufacturers.
Our process is broken into three primary phases: Distributor Request For Proposal (RFP), Non-Clinical Consolidation and Clinical Consolidation.

The Breakdown

A closer look at our tested, strategic methodology.

Savings so good, they speak for themselves. Here’s a peek at how SourceClub’ consulting service maximizes your savings and eliminates your dental purchasing woes.

Phase 1

Distributor Request for Proposals (RFP’s)

Objective: To identify which distributors represent the best pricing, value, and overall partnership for your DSO.

SourceClub will implement a robust RFP process that will evaluate every single product you’ve ordered over the last year, and we will calculate the actual savings on a line by line item basis for each distributor. SourceClub also negotiates: Cost, Pricing Models, Payment Terms, Sign-On Bonuses, Corporate Conference Allocations, Complimentary Preventative Maintenance Services on Equipment, and much more.

Phase 2

Non-Clinical Consolidation

Objective: To consolidate the non-clinically sensitive products on your office’s supply formulary. The consolidation of these products allows your office to combine purchasing power and leverage aggressive pricing concessions directly from the manufacturers.

The secondary goal of the phase is to reduce the overall number of SKU’s on the forumlary for easier “shopability” by the offices along with becoming easier to manage for future RFP’s and negotiations.

Phase 3

Clinical Consolidation

Objective: To identify which manufacturers are willing to provide the best pricing, service, and overall partnership to your office. We evaluate every clinical product and category being consolidated.

We then negotiate directly with every manufacturer, category by category, to ensure that your offices are receiving the best partnership and value for every product line.

The SourceClub Promise


SourceClub is so confident in the services that they provide, they only bill their clients when they actually deliver savings to the organization.

With SourceClub’s transparent pricing model, their consulting clients are strictly billed on a percentage of the savings that SourceClub is able to provide to their clients. No onboarding costs, no monthly retainers, only transparent billing as a percentage of the savings delivered.

100% Risk Free Guarantee that you don’t owe SourceClub anything until they can deliver results and savings.

SourceClub Consulting Services Dental GPO

Consulting Services

  • Formulary Creation (if none exists)
  • Setup and Implementation of a Procurement software
  • Establish Department KPI’s
  • Create Monthly Report Cadence to Track & Manage KPI’s
  • Establish Departmental Standard Operating Procedures
  • Laboratory Formulary Creation and Consolidation
  • Office Supply Formulary Creation and Consolidation
  • Ad Hoc Special Projects (Supply Chain) — Rates vary depending on requested deliverables
SourceClub Consulting Services Dental GPO

The Results

On average, SourceClub saves their consulting clients between 25-35% annually on their supply spends. Not including savings on laboratory services or office supplies.

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